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Specialising in retrofitting of existing air conditioning systems

Suppliers Daikin and Fujitsu Air conditioners

Balmoral Air Conditioning provides a broad range of products from a single split system suitable for the family home to cost-effective heating and cooling systems for commercial and industrial sites. We pride ourselves in our ability to tailor a solution specific to your individual needs and requirements.


Air Conditioning:

There are so many different types of air conditioners on the market today but most fit into these following groups:


Central ducted air conditioner: These air conditioners are great for cooling lots of rooms or office buildings. A large cooling fan and motor sit outside while cool air is pumped around the building through a duct system.


Split system: Split systems are usually used to cool one or more rooms or an open-plan area. They work by placing the cooling parts of the air conditioner outside with the fans inside the rooms.


Multi split system: Similar to a split system, the multi split system provides cooling from two to nine rooms throughout the house from one outdoor air conditioner unit with the fans inside the rooms.


Inverter systems: An inverter works by continuously changing the fan and motor speed of the air conditioner so it can reach the required temperature quicker. Once the desired temperature is reached, the air conditioner adjusts itself up and down to maintain a constant temperature. The result is a controllable and energy efficient system that is not only cheaper to run, but also uses a smaller power supply.


Reverse cycle: Air conditioners with reverse cycle can both cool you down and warm you up, so you don’t need to purchase additional heaters.


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