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How to Save Energy with Your Ducted Air Conditioning System in Balgowlah, Manly or North Sydney


For both homeowners and business owners, air conditioning can represent a significant extra expense during the summer months. Often, though, air conditioning is a must. At home, during heat waves, it can be nearly impossible to get comfortable to sleep through the night without AC. A business, meanwhile, has an unwritten obligation to provide a comfortable, cool environment for employees and customers alike. Quite simply, it's unreasonable to expect productivity out of your staff, or to expect customers to stick around for long, in a sweltering hot space.


Tips for Preserving Energy (and Money) with Your Air Conditioning System


At Balmoral Air, we provide air conditioner repairs, maintenance and retrofitting in the North Sydney area. Whether you need help with a ducted air conditioning system in Balgowlah or an inverter system in Manly, we can provide it. In addition to repairs and installations, we also know quite a lot about air conditioning systems—enough to offer tips on what you can do to save energy (and money) while running your air conditioner.

  • For instance, in a multi-level house, close the vents downstairs: Hot air rises and cold air sinks, which means that the lower levels of your house (particularly underground or partially underground basements) are going to be naturally a few degrees cooler than everywhere else. To get the most out of your air conditioning system, then, close the vents downstairs. Doing so will force more cold air through the vents upstairs, but the natural redistribution of hot and cold air will still leave the lower floor feeling comfortable.
  • Automate the thermostat: Due to various factors (cooler outside temperatures, less light, the fact that you'll spend most of the night unconscious, etc.), you don't need to set your air conditioner as low during the evening to be comfortable. Automate your thermostat so that the ideal temperature is higher at night than during the day. For an office building, you might even be able to get away with switching off air conditioning entirely during the evening. In either instance, plan on giving the system less energy at night-time, to ensure more efficient spending.
  • Insulate your ducted air conditioning system: Do you have a ducted air conditioning system at your home in Manly or North Sydney? If so, then insulation is going to be a big part of the energy efficiency battle. Typically, the ducts for ducted systems have to pass through attics, garages or other warm spots to reach the areas that need air conditioning. Without proper insulation, the air in the ducts can heat up considerably—leading to air conditioning that is less satisfying, but no less expensive! Insulating the ducts can go a long way towards creating a more effective and efficient ducted air conditioning system in North Sydney or Manly.

Get Tips on Your Ducted or Multi-Split Air Conditioning System in North Sydney


If you need additional advice about your AC system, don't hesitate to contact Balmoral Air today! From system repairs to retrofitted additions to get your system running more effectively, we can help with any and every air conditioning related question you may have. From ducted systems to split or multi-split systems, from inverter systems to reverse cycle air conditioners, there's no type of AC system we can't help you with today! Get in touch with us by calling 9968 4266.


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