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Balmoral Air is a Trusted Provider of Split System Air Conditioners for North Sydney, Manly, and Balgowlah


One of the most difficult problems facing any Australian home owner is controlling and managing the costs of utilities, especially electricity. When the summer rolls around again, and the head index's climb seems never to stop, your air conditioner delivers heavy duty work to keep you cool. Instead of sweating in the heat, you are left to sweat your electricity bill for the next month. How much will it be this time? Instead of continually worrying, there is a better solution at hand: why not replace your old, inefficient unit with one of many new, modern, and electricity saving split system air conditioners in North Sydney? These systems take up very little space compared to other units, and they offer excellent savings regarding power costs. In combination with other tricks that can save you energy when it comes to running your AC, you can drive your bill down while staying just as comfortable as you've always been. For split system air conditioners in Manly and elsewhere in North Sydney, the choice option is Balmoral Air. In operation for more than two decades, we have the experienced tradesmen and excellent customer service you need for a job done well.

Save energy and stay cool with split system air conditioners in Balgowlah


The experienced and qualified technicians at Balmoral Air are ready to assist you with cutting down on your energy usage. Whether you want to be simply more environmentally friendly, or you need to save some cash each month, split system air conditioners in Balgowlah are a fantastic choice. Take a look at a few of the ways they can transform your space into a cool retreat without your electric bill going through the roof!

  • No ducting means better energy efficiency. Many air conditioners use up extra energy sending the air through ducts around your home. Because split system units blow fresh air into the room directly, this saves on energy and costs.
  • Cool only the room you are in, rather than using energy to cool down your whole home at once, split system air conditioners allow you to cool down only the spaces which need a temperature adjustment.
  • Compact and modern design mean less energy use each month. These are better and more efficient than old units.
  • Adaptable into multi-room systems. One external unit can service several split system air conditioners in different rooms.


Take advantage of our professional services today


Balmoral Air provides an incredible customer service experience from start to finish. We are eager to provide North Sydney with air conditioning service that is reliable and within reach. Have you received a quote from another company? We'll beat it! Balmoral Air beats every written quote brought to us. Curious about what it will cost to retrofit or replace your current air system? Call us today! Quotes are entirely free. Reach us by phone on 02 9968 4266 or send us an email at for any enquiries.


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