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Trust Balmoral Air When You Need Split System Air Conditioner Installation in Manly and North Sydney


Finding ways to beat the heat in Australia can be a challenge for any family or individual, especially when the summer months arrive. If your home doesn't stay cool because its air conditioning unit is old, out of date, or merely inefficient, it might be time to consider a replacement. You do not need to worry about handling the entire process yourself, though! Instead, turn to a company you can trust to handle everything you need for split system air conditioner installation in North Sydney: Balmoral Air. Operating since 1992 with distinction in both quality of workmanship and customer service, Balmoral Air is ready to help you chill down inside when the temperature outside is soaring. By replacing your old unit with a split system air conditioner, not only will you be able to enjoy the crisp air indoors, but your electric bill will likely see a reduction as well.


Older units may serve you faithfully for many years, but in today's eco-conscious world, the energy inefficiency of these machines is a burden. Instead of continuing to carry that weight in your utility charges, call in Balmoral Air today for a free quote on replacing your air conditioner with a newer, superior unit.

Professional, affordable, split system air conditioner installation in North Sydney


Adding a split system air conditioner to your North Sydney home does not need to be a frustrating experience. Balmoral Air brings many advantages to the table that make us an excellent choice. To begin with, our company was founded on the belief that superior customer service creates a remarkable business. Being the area's complete solution for air conditioner service since 1992, Balmoral Air has the experience necessary to maintain and repair many of the major brands, including LG, Daikin, and Fujitsu. We have a variety of different kinds of split system air conditioners to install in your Manly home. Whether you need cooling in just one room of your house, or you are looking for a multi split system air conditioner to cool multiple rooms, we can accommodate your needs.


Split system units save you money, too. With the compact unit split between the indoors and outdoors, it requires less energy to operate and will not need to run as often because they are superior in maintaining your optimal temperature. These adaptable units are handy for open concept homes or small apartments, and multi-unit systems can create different temperature "zones" throughout your home so that one unit doesn't have to work too hard!


Balmoral Air works hard to provide a superior experience


Once you've decided to go with a split system, make your next decision the one to call Balmoral Air. Customer service is not our only strong suit; we are an affordable option, too. We will beat any written quote - just ask! With twenty years of experience behind us, we know what it takes to offer you exceptional service, superior products, and an overall fantastic experience. Call us today on 02 9968 4266 for your free quote and more information.


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