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The 5 Basic Air Conditioner Installations in North Sydney


Knowledge is your best friend as you prepare to choose the air conditioner that you will use in your commercial or residential space. Whether building a new home or business from the ground up or installing new air conditioning in a space, there are many different options to choose from, each of which offers different benefits to you, guests, and even customers.


When seeking air conditioner installation in North Sydney, you will find yourself faced with five basic systems: central air conditioning, split systems, multi split systems, inverter systems, and reverse cycle systems. For maximum cooling, central air is often recommended, as it pumps cool air throughout an entire building from a central fan and motor located outside. Split systems and multi split systems are both good, energy efficient options for smaller buildings with multiple rooms.


Inverter systems operate through changing the air conditioner's fan and motor speed as needed, a factor that makes them one of the most energy efficient options available. This can be especially important for those who are looking to reduce their energy cost, whether for economic or environmental reasons. And finally there are reverse cycle systems, which both warm and cool air, allowing you to eliminate the need for an additional heater.


Not every option is right for every home and business owner, a fact that you will discover as you begin seeking someone for your air conditioner installation in North Sydney. Fortunately, Balmoral Air can help. Contact us for a free quote at 02 9968 4266 or stop by our 73a Spit Road location in Mosman to further discuss your air conditioning needs with our experts.


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